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Master Top Local SEO Tips to Dominate Your Local Market in 2023

Local SEO holds immense power for small businesses in India, with 46% of Google searches seeking local information.

Neglecting local optimization risks losing potential customers ready to shop in your area. So, making local SEO is critical for relevance.

Local SEO is a strategic approach that enhances business visibility in Google’s local search results. Businesses with physical locations or geographic service areas benefit.

Approximately 88% of people search for local businesses weekly and 58% daily, leading to 72% of people visiting nearby stores.

Conducting location-based searches unveils local results across Google, such as Maps and Search. For instance, a mobile search for “restaurant” yields nearby options.

Google Business Profile (GNB) Optimization enhances local ranking. While accurate, engaging details bolster visibility.

Do you want to take advantage of local SEO? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Our comprehensive blog equips you to optimize your business for local SEO in India and, empowering you to connect with consumers who rely on local search for purchasing decisions.

What is local Seo?

As the name suggests Local Seo focuses on increasing the visibility of local businesses. In many ways, it is like Organic SEO, but it requires your geographic location.

Search engines depend on signals like localized content, social media profiles, links, and references to offer the user the most relevant local outcomes, gathering data for local searches.

Local SEO provides opportunities for local businesses in India as well as businesses all over the world to present themselves in front of local potential consumers.

Back then it was difficult when people were only using desktops for browsing the internet. The surge in mobile internet access has elevated the importance of local SEO, particularly for businesses and marketers focusing on local products and services.

How local Search works?

If you want to rank in a three-pack then first thing first, you should create a Google My Business (GNB) account. Fill in every data point you can and at the end of filling all the detalis, Google will give you a score for your profile.

The more information you fill in the higher score you will get. In my opinion, the score given by Google is generous.

One should remember that every piece of information that you mention on GNB should also match with your website and any other 3rd party site like Zomato, or Swiggy because it’s an indication for Google that your business is legit.

Google My Business for Local SEO

When users search on Google, it shows two types of search results. First, Local pack results and second, organic results. You would want to appear in both results.

According to Google search algorithm, it uses three main factors to help you find the best match for your business:

  • Business Prominence: How much Google believes a business matters to people who might use it.
  • Business Distance: How close Google thinks a person is to a business when they look it up.
  • Business relevance: How much Google values a business for those who might be interested in it.

Now where you want your business to show, take a look at the photo mentioned below.

Local Pack Results

Local Pack Results

Do you know that first three results are alone hold for 66.5 percent of click through rate in SERPs! Which is why you want your business to show in the top three results.

Local SEO Organic Results

Organic Results

Do Strong Local Keyword Research

Targeting effective local keywords is a vital local SEO strategy. On the one hand, high-volume keywords can lead to being lost in the crowd, and on the other hand, lower-volume keywords often yield minimal results for small businesses.

Small businesses usually have advantages in targeting, with “near me” variations of search terms surging by up to 900% in recent years. A blend of local keywords and high volume can prove beneficial, if you want to appear in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s).

Google’s local search algorithm prioritizes nearness in space, time, or relationship. For instance, a “pizza delivery” search provides different results depending on whether it’s conducted from home or work.

What is Keyword research for local SEO?

Basically, it involves identifying search terms used by people seeking local offerings. Ranking for these keywords drives targeted local traffic, attracting potential customers.

Creating a concise list of keywords specific to your local business is the starting point for effective local SEO.

How can one do keyword research?

For keyword research, I would suggest a free tool called Google Keyword Planner. You would just have to create a free Google ads account and then you can use this tool for free.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

If money is not a barrier for you then I would suggest you go for paid tools like SEMrush, UberSuggest, Ahrefs, and many more, the list goes on.

Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

Power of reviews

Today, we live in the world of the Internet which means society is becoming more educated and aware of their surroundings because the Internet made it easy excess to the information, and based on the information every person wants to make smart and educated decisions.

As we all know, we (Indian consumers) do not open our wallets easily we are very price-conscious, but when it comes to brands like Apple we do not care about price, we care about the value the product is giving. So, we want ourselves to be presented as a value-giving company.

How can we make ourselves valuable?

Studies show that 81% of people look at reviews and see how things are rated. Also, more than one out of every three people write on blogs or talk in online groups.

Review Data for Local SEO

And do you know that 97 percent people say customer reviews factor into their buying decisions.

So, your aim should be to get good customer reviews because good reviews attract more customers and poor ratings or reviews turn your potential customers off.

Ask your customer to review your product or services. In other words, you want positive and detailed reviews. MBA chai Wala is a very good example of this technique.

Must remember one thing that you should not be too pussy for reviews in this way you could lose a potential customer.

No matter how good your product or service is there will always be negative reviews, and this is also beneficial for business. If your position is agreeable to everyone, it becomes so boring that no one will pay attention to you.

By making their thoughts known, bad reviewers are spreading the word to people who may not have been aware of your business.

So, controversies are good but there is a fine line between being constructively controversial and creating a soap opera. In other words, too much controversy is bad for business.

Place Ratings

Is your Webiste Mobile-friendly?

Most local searches happen on mobile phones. Around 82 percent of smartphone shoppers conduct “near me” searches, which is why in my opinion everyone should have a mobile friendly site.

Mobile-friendly site is helpful for not even users but also for Google ranking algorithm. There are chances that Google will rank you high if have a mobile-friendly site.

What is a mobile friendly site?

The four basic elements that every mobile-friendly website should include:

  • Responsive page display
  • Reliable fonts
  • Proper text formatting
  • Optimized media display

If you are not a developer, then creating a custom coded site and making it mobile-friendly could be a nightmare for you. So, I strongly suggest that you should create a site using WordPress.

You can test your websites mobile friendliness by clicking here.   

Create local content for local SEO

If you want more business, you must give something for free. Create a blog page and provide local content in it.

Do your keyword research and find out what are pain points of your customers and how can you help them. For instance, if have a bakery then you should provide content like “how to make the best brownies”.

Don’t worry by providing content like this will not drive fewer sales instead it will boost your sales because now people know about your brand and whenever they are near your shop, they will instantly recognize you.

Never write promotional content People do care about what you are selling they only care for themselves and about what value you have to offer.

So, create your customer base and aim to become trustworthy and with time they will automatically convert into payable customers.

Consistency is key, creating content is one thing, and retaining consistency is one. Google will downgrade your website ranking if you stop providing content on a regular basis.

Do You know why Wikipedia always rank high for any query because they regularly update their content. So, creating content and maintaining consistency is necessary but updating that content is also important.

Rank in organic SERPs Get backlinks!

Including keywords and backlink profiles are top ranking factors for Google Business profiles. Safari Digital’s local SEO report explains it in detail.

For good backlinks Reach out to similar content creators, build a community and get back links from them. Remember, do not go for your competitors.

If you sell clothes, then reach out to the people who create content around fashion. Provide them with good quality content and in return ask for them to link to your website.

Yes, this requires cold emails and a lot of effort but it’s worth it because Google sees backlinks as indication of good website and will rank high your website in the SERPs.

The best way to create backlinks is to research your competitors. Find out why your competitor is ranking, and what type of keywords they are using. What type of backlinks they are creating? What type of ad copy they are using? How are they getting reviews?

Tools links SEMrush, ScreamingFrog, Uber suggest and Ahrefs can easily answer the questions mentioned above. Now, you just have to reverse engineer the best practices that your competitors follow.

You can even find out your targeted ordinance if properly study your competitors.


NAP stands for Name of the business, Adress and Phone Number. You must mention NAP in your website, and it should be crawlable (name, address, and phone number) in the form of HTML text because google loves it.

Where should you mention NAP?

NAP should be mentioned on the Contact Us page.

Contact Us

Keep in mind that when a user visit to your contact us page, they must not feel any resistance contacting you for example, clicking on given number must lead to users dialing pad in their phone.

They must not juggle between apps back and forth between apps to get your contact information. Contact info should be easy to find on your website as well as easy to accessible.

Your location should also be accessible easily because 76% of consumers that search for something local on their phone visit a store that day.

Pro tip: The mentioned address on your web should also match your GNB address.

If you have multiple stores, you should also mention their location on Google Maps. Add photos of your shop in Google Maps and 360 views so that people can easily identify your store.

McDonald's in Mumbai Map

Mention opening and closing times of your store. Your customers should feel that they travel all the way to your store just to see your locked door.

Opening and closing time

Run Google ads for local keywords!

People don’t love to be sold they love to buy. What I mean is that your ads should not appear like you are trying to sell something, instead, show them what you have to offer.

If you run a small business, then don’t go after competing with big businesses because there is a high possibility that they have more resources, a big and loyal customer base or they have created brand value. For instance, Nike has more searches on Google than sports shoes.

Optimize your ads based on local search keywords thus targeting the local audience. For example, instead of targeting “shoes to buy” target “shoes to buy near me” or “shoes for sale in (your city)”.

How Google ads are successful?

75 percent of individuals concur that paid advertisements facilitate their online research on websites and search engines. A report from HubSpot claims that 72% of local searchers visited a store within a five-mile (approx. eight km) radius.

Now, it is true small business means small budgets so it will make sense if you start small. For most of the small local business in India, Google ads is a good start. Yes, it is true that in the beginning handling Google ads could feel hard. To make things easy agencies like us exist ND Digital.

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