A Beginner Guide how SEO Works

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization consists of two words: one is search engine, and the other is optimization.

  1. Search Engine: A search engine is a software system that is designed to search information from worldwide.
  2.  Optimization: Optimization means the best use of anything. Search Engine Optimization: We use search engines for your benefit.

Use of search engine optimization: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of any website or webpage. Making a website search engine friendly means making it easy for the crawler to crawl the website so that search engines rank it better. SEO is the practice of getting targeted traffic to a website from search engine rankings. Organic search is one of the ways in which users discover online content. A high ranking can give a website good organic traffic.

 Why is Search Engine important?

• Builds Trust and Credibility: Good-quality sites that rank high on search engine result pages are considered trustworthy. Because these sites are ranking on the first page, they have good content that provides a great user experience.

• Provide Competitive Advantage: If we work on it consistently and properly, we can get ahead of the competition. Many businesses feel that they cannot afford not to be on the first page of search results, but any team can get ahead of its competition if it works on this.

• Support Content Marketing: To rank, you should make a list of keywords that the user is searching on the search engine and then prepare content based on those keywords, which provides information to the user. A website will rank only if its content is of high quality and the content is optimized according to keywords.

• Optimize Your Webpages: Once you have completed your audit, you can improve your rank on the most important webpages by optimizing them. Optimization is not just about tagging and organizing website content. Creating good content should be a big part of SEO.

• Local SEO: Local SEO is a process where we help your business to appear in local search results. It provides information about your business to the users through the internet and attracts the users.

How does SEO works?

Search Engines work through three primary functions:

  1. Crawling: Crawlers are used by search engines to discover pages on the internet by using sitemaps and connections.
  2.  Rendering: Search engines use data from HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to decide how the website will look.
  3.  Indexing: The search engines index pages after reviewing their content, but there is no guarantee all pages will be indexed.
  4.  Ranking: Provide the best answers to searchers’ queries, which implies results are ordered from most relevant to least relevant.

Types of SEO

There are three main components.

  1. Technical SEO: Technical SEO involves improving a website’s technical aspects, such as site speed, mobile friendliness, and visibility on Google. It is very important for getting a website ranked because first, it involves crawling and indexing the website so that search engine bots can crawl it well and, based on this crawl, index it well. Technical SEO is about optimizing the technical aspects of a website, such as site speed, mobile friendliness, and visibility on Google.

Technical SEO Checklist


• The site should be mobile-friendly.

• Site Speed

• Fix duplicate content issues.


• Robot TXT file

• Add structure data markup.

  1. On-Page SEO: The optimization we do on our website’s web pages is called on-page SEO. In simple words, make your webpages search-engine friendly. You should improve the content, title, and images of your pages so that the search engines know what each page is about. By doing this, when a user searches for a related topic, your page’s chances of ranking high in the search results increase.

On-Page SEO Checklist

• Title Tag

• Meta Description

• Meta Keywords

• URL Optimization

• Heading Tags

• Internal Linking and External Linking

• Anchor Text Optimization

• Keyword Density

• Plagiarism

• Grammar

• Compression

• Alt Text/ATT

• Title

• Keywords Cannibalism

  1. Off-PageOff-page SEO involves strategies and activities to improve a website’s visibility and trustworthiness in search engines, including creating high-quality backlinks to increase its authority.

Off-Page SEO Checklist

• Classified Ads Submission

• Directory Submission

• Article Submission

• Forum Posting

• Comment Posting

• RSS Submission

• Social Bookmarking

• Press Release Submission

SEO Strategies

  1. White Hat SEO: Google loves white hat SEO because you are following Google police and respecting each other sentiments.
  2.  Black Hat SEO: A black hat practice is disapproved of or goes against the terms of services of the search engine.
  3.  Grey Hat SEO: A gray hat SEO is a combination of white and black hat SEO.

SEO tools

SEMrush: SEMrush is a keyword research tool; with its help, we can do keyword research, ranking, and competitor analysis.

Google Trends: This tool shows which topic is trending in which country or region of the world. It also provides information on popular topics and long-tail keywords.

Google Analytics and Search Console: These tools provide you with real-time data. Google Analysis, gives us information about the activities of the users visiting the website and tells us from where the traffic on the website is coming. Search Console provides us information related to webpages, crawling status and how much organic traffic is coming on the website. Both These tools are like a camera which tells which customers came to the shop and when they left the shop.

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